Václav Havel



Václav Havel writer and dramatist, one of the first spokesmen of Charter 77, the leading personality of the political changes in November 1989, the last Czechoslovak president and the first president of the Czech Republic. He comes from an important Prague family, connected with the cultural and political life of the pre-war period. Václav Havel studied for two years at the Czech Technical University and then he worked as a stagehand in the theatre ABC and then Na Zábradlí. In the sixties he studied dramaturgy at the Prague Theatre Academy of Fine Arts. He published articles and studies in different literary and theatre magazines. In the theatre Na Zábradlí his first dramas had been shown. For the publication of Charter 77 he spent five years in prison. For his literary works, his attitudes and lifelong strife for the human rights Václav Havel received many distinctions, international awards and honour doctorates.