Czech Advent Calendar

Czech Advent Calendar

Rok: 2015
Formát: 340 x 400 mm
Vazba: hand made case
ISBN: 80-86283-33-X
Cena: 598 Kč 515 Kč

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Dear children, we made a magical advent calendar for you.
Advent is a festive time of year lasting long, long 24 days for which we have to wait until the Christmas day comes and we can celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Each day of your waiting you can open one of the numbered books in the calendar. It hides a poem, a carol, or a Christmas story about little Annie and Jack. Our tip: When you have read a book, put it back in its place, so that at Christmas you can read or sing it again- there is sheet music to several carols in the last box.

If you like, you can take all the little books out and put them back to the empty boxes until you assemble the whole collection.
Unlike the chocolate version, this calendar is to last. It can sleep together with the Christmas crib in a dusty box in the attic until next advent when you are ready to play with it again. 
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Czech Advent CalendarCzech Advent CalendarCzech Advent Calendar